Dirty, dangerous, and destitute.  

Welcome to fear city. 

The short doc series, will explore the financially and morally bankrupt New York City of the 1970s, a perfect storm of rampant crime, cheap rents, crumbling infrastructure and disenchantment that spawned an urban culture capital that changed the world

A documentary series exploring how a 1970’s pamphlet reflects the essence that would shape the mythology of New York City’s dirty dangerous allure


New York City in 1975 was morally and financially bankrupt. The year ended with 1,645 murders and 177,032 reported burglaries. Crimes, that along with rape, the New York Times at the time declared “the police are virtually powerless to prevent.” Faced with impossible deficits the mayor publicly considered vast layoffs of uniformed officers. Their unions response was this extraordinary pamphlet, whilst not widely distributed, that epitomizes the dire straights every facet of the city was in, and that it could in fact be about to get worse.

New York was a dirty, dangerous and destitute urban jungle teaming with murderers, rapists and muggers, yet this perfect storm of rampant crime, cheap rents, crumbling infrastructure and utter disenchantment spawned New York’s creative mythology.