VICKY & LYSANDER is a 2 time Writers Guild Award nominated comedic web series. It originated as a sketch, turned into a sold out, and twice extended, storefront experience (which won "Best Borderline Performance Art" by NY PRESS) and has since released two seasons online which have been called:

Inappropriate but menacingly funny.
— The Village Voice
Hilariously Awkward

VICKY & LYSANDER follows the antics of a deluded socialite, Vicky, and her effeminate husband, Lysander, as they try to make their mark on the world. 

It was created, written and stars 2 time WGA nominees Damon Cardasis and Shannon Walker and is directed and produced by Tony Castle and Roxy Hunt of BFD Productions. All four are also the festival directors of the popular and rapidly growing Lower East Side Film Festival.

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SEASON 1 (full season)

Season 1 Synopsis:
A self proclaimed “power couple,” Vicky works tirelessly on her charity events and is heading up this years Artists Against Inhumanity Gala as Lysander is quickly blossoming in to New York’s hottest new DJ! However, Vicky’s nemesis, Muffie Potter Aston, has thrown a wrench in their social domination, and they quickly find themselves blacklisted from New York Society.

Their only move now is to move downtown in an attempt to reclaim some sort of status with a new hip crowd. Will they fit in? Will Vicky’s Gala go off without a hitch? Will this power couple self-implode below 14th Street, or can their weird love conquer all?


Season 2 Synopsis:
Vicky and Lysander are back in love and burning up the scene in downtown New York. Lysander has begun wearing jeans, and is taking meetings to pitch his new fragrance, “No Lie – By Lysander.” Vicky also loves her new life below 14th street and has embraced her artist’s soul by taking watercolor classes with June, a shady masculine art teacher that takes Vicky under her wing as her star pupil and muse.

Both Lysander and Jenny, their good friend/Transsexual Cambodian Designer, are skeptical  of Vicky’s talent and suspicious of June. Does she want something else from Vicky? As Lysander is downtrodden from the lack of interest in his new fragrance, Vicky gets in over her head with her new all-female artist’s group and quickly discovers she’s in deep trouble. Can Lysander and Jenny get to her in time? Or will Vicky fall prey to June’s sinister intentions?


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After having recovered from her kidnapping and subsequent 45 minutes of imprisonment by her lesbian art teacher, Vicky, a deluded socialite and her effeminate husband, Lysander, NEED to tell this story and are ready to take Hollywood by storm.

Lysander, “an artist” (because he wears a fedora) and "businessman" (because he sold his fragrance "No Lie By Lysander"), has been inspired by the struggle his wife went through and is looking to capitalize upon it. He has written a screenplay called WINTER IN JUNE in which he will, of course, star. There’s nothing he CAN’T do.

At a dinner party with Vicky’s sister Cecily, Cecily’s husband Phil, and Lysander’s miserable and highly intellectual older sister Dana (Parker Posey), Vicky & Lysander announce that they are leaving for L.A. in a matter of weeks. Vicky is positive that she’ll look great hanging out at the bar at Chateau Marmont, and there is no doubt that Lysander can easily set trends on the West Coast.

"I'm bored of New York," Vicky tells her guests.

"Boredom is the root of all evil," quoth Dana. Everyone stares at her blankly. "Kierkegaard," she says condescendingly. Dana is always out to put Vicky's ignorance on display whenever she can.


With a call to his agent, Nance Jefferies (Susan Sarandon), Lysander learns that meetings have been set in L.A. and the town is talking. "Lysander, people are comparing WINTER IN JUNE to SOPHIE’S CHOICE and there is awards buzz written all over it."


Lysander just has to write the script.


Vicky and Lysander hit the ground running once they land at LAX. An 80’s stretch limo awaits them (with boomerang antenna) and whisks them off to their hotel. Lysander leases a large SUV (a monster truck) that he uses to cruise around town (bigger is better in Hollywood and everyone leases), while Vicky discovers the power of vegan food, alkaline water, and hiking up Runyon Canyon everyday. "It never get’s old, it really doesn’t!"

Lysander meets with all the top brass in Hollywood, and after a successful luncheon with Jerry Gorwitz (producing king of Hollywood) WINTER IN JUNE is greenlit and Lysander is off to the races.


He still just needs to write the script.


While Lysander begins meeting with various actresses to play the role of Vicky (Ashley Judd, Lindsay Lohan, Meredith Baxter Berney), Vicky becomes friends with all the Hollywood power player wives; Melissa Joan Hart, Candace Cameron Burre, and Lisa Rinna.

At first, the women are welcoming, but Vicky soon learns that there is more to Hollywood than the perfect Birkin bag, the highest heels, and the right "help;" cosmetic surgery is a rite of passage, and Vicky wants in. In fact, so does Lysander.

A lift and a tuck later, Vicky & Lysander are more L.A. than L.A. itself! Vicky is loving her new highlights and extensions, and Lysander is now a bleach blonde.


Everything is going smashingly... until it’s not…


Jerry Gorwitz pulls his money out of the film. "I was never sent a script, Lysander!" And no actress wants to sign on. Nance tries to let Lysander down gently but he’s absolutely devastated. "I don't understand how this happened, Vick?" "You never wrote a script, Lysander." "Oh so now you're on Jerry's side!" he wails.


Just then, a call from Jenny, Vicky & Lysander's transgender fashion designer friend, comes in! She's in town bringing her new resort line to Neimans. "Let's get drinks at the top of The Peninsula!" Jenny suggests.


After a few glasses of Rose, Lysander comes clean to Jenny that WINTER IN JUNE has been put on hold indefintely, Vicky is being a Royal B, and he is at a loss as to what to do.


"Lysander, I have an idea!" Jenny exclaims. "My new boytoy is LOADED and is looking to get into the film business. "He's a Saudi Prince," she whispers to them.

Later that night in the Royal Executive Suite at The Beverly Wilshire, Jenny brings the idea up to the Prince. "I need $50 million," she says to him. "What is it about?" he asks. "What isn't it about?" Jenny replies. She's wearing one of her sheer kimonos, and the Prince is easily persuaded. "I'll give you $15 million." he says. "You won’t regret it," responds Jenny as she drops her kimono to reveal her hairy nipples. NOW she's got the Prince's attention.

A $15 million budget means WINTER IN JUNE is now an indie film, which is VERY cool to Lysander, and there is no one better to helm the ship.


He really has to write that script.


A few frenetic weeks later, WINTER IN JUNE is ready to shoot. Lysander has pulled together an impressive list of  “actors” (D-List stars) who have become zealots to the house of Lysander, AND he has finished the script (all 15 pages of it)! The artist is present. He is in Heaven.


"That's a wrap!" Lysander shouts.


Everyone on set claps as Lysander has a difficult time opening a bottle of Veuve. He's just not strong enough.

With completion of WINTER IN JUNE Vicky and Lysander decide it is time to return to NY. Summer is approaching and they want to make sure that they make it out to the Hamptons.


L.A. has served the couple well but New York will always be home.


EP: 1
Dinner Party. Meet Dana.


EP 2:
Lysander talks with agent, Vicky says goodbye to friends


EP 3:
Hello L.A! A stretch limo awaits and Lysander gets a new car.


EP 4:
Lysander takes meetings. Vicky makes friends.


EP 5:
Winter in June is greenlit. Actresses are met. A facelift is in order.

EP 6:
Money is pulled melt down. A call from Jenny.


EP 7:
Drinks with Jenny.  A plan is hatched.


EP 8:
Arabian night. Jenny secures 15M. WINTER IN JUNE is a go.


EP 9:
Life on set.


EP 10:
That’s a wrap! Hamptons await.



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