People relate to people. So, we start with a person. 

What’s their name? What kinds of things do they like? What do they do at Airbnb? What do they feel throughout their day at Airbnb? We learn these facts through a fun and quirky narration as we see them journey through the Airbnb space.  As we move fluidly from one room to the next, we discover another Airbnb-er, and another, and another. 

We explore and reveal the entire office. We see a space that is connected, fluid and friendly.  Sleek info-graphics pop in to this visual world to highlight key stats and facts. Narration evokes emotion from the viewer and engages us to see what's coming next.

Once we’ve covered our ground, met the eclectic people who make up the Airbnb team, and glimpse into their lives, the camera pulls out wide to reveal the powerful connectivity of the office and the whole eco-system of Airbnb.