SEASON 1 (full season)

Season 1 Synopsis:
A self proclaimed “power couple,” Vicky works tirelessly on her charity events and is heading up this years Artists Against Inhumanity Gala as Lysander is quickly blossoming in to New York’s hottest new DJ! However, Vicky’s nemesis, Muffie Potter Aston, has thrown a wrench in their social domination, and they quickly find themselves blacklisted from New York Society.

Their only move now is to move downtown in an attempt to reclaim some sort of status with a new hip crowd. Will they fit in? Will Vicky’s Gala go off without a hitch? Will this power couple self-implode below 14th Street, or can their weird love conquer all?


Season 2 Synopsis:
Vicky and Lysander are back in love and burning up the scene in downtown New York. Lysander has begun wearing jeans, and is taking meetings to pitch his new fragrance, “No Lie – By Lysander.” Vicky also loves her new life below 14th street and has embraced her artist’s soul by taking watercolor classes with June, a shady masculine art teacher that takes Vicky under her wing as her star pupil and muse.

Both Lysander and Jenny, their good friend/Transsexual Cambodian Designer, are skeptical  of Vicky’s talent and suspicious of June. Does she want something else from Vicky? As Lysander is downtrodden from the lack of interest in his new fragrance, Vicky gets in over her head with her new all-female artist’s group and quickly discovers she’s in deep trouble. Can Lysander and Jenny get to her in time? Or will Vicky fall prey to June’s sinister intentions?


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