Open with POV shots of a woman taking photos with her smartphone of things she's thankful for.

She wakes up to her favorite song, and she "likes" it on a music app.

She makes herself a coffee in her favorite cup and takes a picture.

She's walking on the street and sees an adorable dog - she snaps a pic!

There's a 10-dollar bill on the street, she looks around, takes a picture and picks it up.



We're good at sharing WHAT we're thankful for
Let's start sharing WHO we're thankful for


POV montage of the people she interacts with throughout the day

She's walking down the street and a little kid tugs on her. He hands her her keys she dropped. She shakes his little hand. He smiles and runs away.

She is buying a hot dog on the street. She fist bumps the guy hot dog vendor.

A friend runs up to her and they hug.

Someone holds a door open for her and she thanks them.

She gets a call/text from her Mom that says something sweet like "Good Luck Today Honey!"

She gives the $10 she found earlier to either a street performer, or as a tip to a cab, to the waiter for lunch, or maybe to a charity box. 

Etc. - Here is where we can have fun with lots of kooky, fun, sentimental things we're thankful for.

End with a POV shot of a table of friends (or maybe just a significant other) at night.) They all toast each other.  


Who's on your