Starting a new job is exciting and full of possibilities. A new road lies ahead and you might not know what to expect, but you do know that you don’t want "just a job." You want to be a part of something bigger. You want to be a part of an organization with an impactful goal.  You want to be a part of a creative community. You want to be making positive changes in our world. For you - it will never be "just a job."

Through an engaging, informative, and whimsical recruiting video, we will spotlight how Airbnb’s office in San Francisco is more than just an office building, it’s a whole world of creativity, collaboration, and community that is excited to invite young and talented people on board.

While the video will touch on many aspects of what it’s like to work at Airbnb - from the people who work there, to the projects they work on - the ultimate goal of the video is to create an emotion and call to action

Airbnb is building a powerful community and a more connected world. I want to be a part of that!